Program Design and Consulting Solutions

We assist parties in all aspects of designing effective resolution programs.  Early planning allows parties to allocate resources, account for risk, and manage resources in a way that can ultimately shorten the settlement timeline and ease administrative burdens.

Consulting Services

Thoughtful planning for lien complications and administrative procedures early in the settlement process can streamline the settlement process for all parties and claimants involved. For that reason, we are regularly engaged by parties to consult on how to structure and administer settlements.

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Market Analytics

In complex settlements, historical data, insurance billing data, and market insight can be used by parties on both sides of a courtroom to draw accurate assessments of risk-adjusted values and settlement cash flow models. We have years of experience using such data to help parties make informed decisions about their cases and predict timelines associated with resolution of those cases.

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MSP Consulting & Mandatory Insurer Reporting

GRG addresses all aspects of resolution and compliance by serving as the MMSEA Mandatory Insurer Reporting Agent for companies of all sizes. Our proprietary web-based reporting solution, Medicare Compliance Connection, keeps you compliant under Section 111 of the MMSEA.

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