Mass Tort / Class Action Services

GRG Comprehensive Mass Tort & Class Action Settlement Administration Services

GRG handles mass tort and class action matters with efficiency and scale. We have the resources needed to resolve liens for the biggest settlements, as well as the compassion, skill and discretion to handle the most delicate and sensitive cases.

Each mass tort / class action resolution process presents its own intricacies as the settlement landscape continues to evolve. GRG remains at the forefront of the industry, continuing to develop best practices and technology to address increasing complexities.

GRG’s settlement administration services deliver:

  • Compliance: Project design and administration delivered from beginning-to-end in accordance with your settlement’s terms, applicable law and health care regulations, and ethics obligations
  • Efficiency: A specialized infrastructure of people, processes and technology that support your office and settlement
  • Transparency: Regular communication and reports that assure timely, complete and accurate access to your program information
  • Uniformity: Assurance that similarly-situated participating claimants achieve similar outcomes
  • Expertise: Foundational knowledge of intricate regulations, best practices and market insights that deliver innovative solutions to complex problems

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