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Medicare Fee Structure

In its initial release, LienDesk Accepts traditional fee-for-service Medicare (Parts A/B) liens. All other single-event lien types (Medicaid, Private, Military) can be submitted by emailing Look for announcements as LienDesk expands to resolve other types of individual liens.

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Features and Benefits

Easy Case Setup

We’ll guide you through the initiation process and tell you what information and documents are required by the lienholder

24/7 Access

LienDesk is online and accessible 24/7 and 365 days per year

Custom Solutions and Roles

You have full control over which roles in your firm access your inventory, down to the individual case

Claims Audit and Online Disputes

Our experts use analytical tools to identify claims unrelated to the client’s injuries. You can view the claims and audit results online; dispute a lien with a few clicks

Real-Time Status

LienDesk will provide you with real-time status of your liens. We will also post reminders when you need to take action on a client’s case

Task Management

We categorize and display any action required by you so you’ll always know exactly what needs to be done online

Outcome Analysis

With resolution details like total reductions and final lien amounts as a percentage of gross award, you can easily explain the outcome to your client

Dedicated Case Analyst

Every LienDesk case is managed and overseen by an expert case analyst

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