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Do you have questions regarding correspondence you received from the Garretson Resolution Group? Do you have questions regarding the status of your settlement disbursement?

The answers to many of the most frequently asked questions can be found in our Claimant Education Libraries. Please select whether you are inquiring about an individual case or if your case is part of a mass tort settlement. 

Claimant Education Library: Individual Cases

A single event case is an individual personal injury lawsuit. In a single event case, your attorney represents you individually against the defendant(s) in your case. 

Single event cases commonly involve:
• Medical Malpractice
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Slip and Fall Accidents
• Asbestos Exposure 


I am a claimant in an individual, single event case.

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Claimant Education Library: Mass Tort Cases

A mass tort is a lawsuit involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more defendants. These cases may involve hundreds or thousands of people with similar injuries throughout the country settling their cases on a consolidated basis. In mass tort cases, your attorney may represent a number of people like you who allege they were injured in the same way, or by the same event, product or medication.

Examples of mass tort cases: 
• Avandia
• World Trade Center

I am a claimant in a mass tort case.

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