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"GRG takes complicated settlement processes and simplifies them for the parties involved in the dispute. In one instance, Garretson was instrumental in helping us to design a settlement procedure involving claims of a decedent and her family, Medicaid liens, plus probate and minor settlement coordination; while tailoring the program within our risk management protocols which lead to better settlement results for the parties. These efforts were not only accomplished with a high level of expertise, but also with compassion."

Jane R. Weyer, Claim Manager

“Garretson makes it easy. The services of his firm allow me to take a complicated, time-consuming issue off my plate — and I’m protected from liability at the same time. I have a settlement resource who I always trust to do the right thing.”

Andrew Finkelstein, Esq.

“Matt Garretson is committed to seeing a settlement through to the end, and it works to my benefit and the benefit of my client. His firm is fast, thorough and knowledgeable. They’ve carved out quite a niche for themselves in the settlement world.”

Joe Steele, Esq.

“The settlement techniques utilized in the instant litigation may provide a model for handling Medicare and Medicaid in future mass actions on a uniform, national basis.”

Senior U.S. Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the Eastern District of New York, commenting on GRG’s work on the Zyprexa MDL-1596, September 11, 2006

“The orchestration and administration of settlements has become more complex than ever. For lawyers representing injured victims, these problems ultimately lead to client dissatisfaction – Unless, the lawyer is a client of The Garretson Group.”

Cincinnati Magazine, “The Garretson Group,” 2005

“[The Garretson Group’s] settlement approach to Medicare and Medicaid liens set one of the clearest courses thus far for resolution of that element of the sticky third-party claim issue.”

Mealey’s “Third-Party Claims,” October 2006

“[Garretson] will divide millions among the men and women who have trusted him with their anguish. Garretson is an expert at such calculations… He uses formulas based on objective measures of harm…”

Los Angeles Times, “Putting a Price on Pain,” January 28, 2005

“[Garretson] does it more quickly and for less money…”

The Cincinnati Business Courier, “Settling into Legal Niche,” July 13, 2007

“Hiring the Garretson Group to negotiate my clients’ Medicare and Medicaid liens is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The representatives of the Garretson Group keep me up to date on their progress in the negotiations and obtain a resolution in a timely fashion. Having the Garretson Group on your side is the only thing that makes sense when it comes to reimbursement issues.”

Tracey L. Dellacona, RN, MBA, Attorney at Law

As you know, [GRG] has provided Medicare/ Medicaid lien services for [14 of my clients]… Please forward me a bill for your services. I will be happy to send you a check. I have found that you and [GRG] are exceptional and outstanding. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you.

J. Franklin Long, Law Offices of J. Franklin Long

“I cannot say enough great things about how wonderful you all are at the Garretson Group. Whether it is lien resolution or probate, everyone is simply fantastic.”

Andee McGaughey, Brown & Crouppen

“Many lawyers hadn’t created a method to determine if the payment system will kick clients off government benefits. [Garretson] provides protection to the claimant and protection for the lawyer – benefits are preserved for claimants, and lawyers are protected from professional liability for failing to inform their clients about the impact of settlement.”

Lawyers Weekly “Lawyers of the Year Award” December 2003

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