About Us

Founded in 1998, Garretson Resolution Group (GRG) is a high-growth provider of technology-enabled outsourced services to thousands of law firms (defense and plaintiff alike), corporations, and government agencies. Our unique understanding and insights around complex processes and leading work-flow software help our clients enhance compliance efforts, drive efficiencies and manage the scale and complexities associated with the ever-changing operational and regulatory frameworks regarding healthcare lien resolution and complex settlement administration. GRG works closely with parties in large, complex matters to bring about creative, multi-threaded solutions that include direct compensation, in-kind relief, and medical monitoring to help parties facilitate their agreed upon settlement objectives and processes.

Through our Complex Settlement Administration segment, we provide end-to-end solutions to navigate the complex demands of large, highly technical mass tort and class action settlement programs efficiently and cost-effectively. Through our Healthcare Lien Resolution segment, we provide outsourced process services for individual and mass tort legal settlements, aimed at ensuring compliance with governmental and healthcare plan and provider reimbursement and reporting obligations. 

Whether we are engaged to provide services in a single event personal injury settlement or as the administrator in a mass tort settlement program, our specialized administrative offerings utilize proven technology and processes to serve all settling parties’ interests. GRG's service areas can independently or collectively assist in any settlement. Our qualifications are straight-forward:

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