Dan Docherty, Garretson Resolution Group ​Senior Vice President

Dan Docherty

​Senior Vice President

Dan Docherty joined Garretson Resolution Group (GRG) in September of 2010 as Senior Vice President. His role is focused on making law firms more efficient while bringing faster resolution to settlements.

Prior to joining GRG, Dan was an officer of a privately held healthcare company. Dan was responsible for all commercial activities and led a team of over 250 personnel. In addition, Dan has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, corporate due diligence and strategic planning.

In his role at GRG, Dan is responsible for developing, converting and maintaining client relationships across all commercial functions. The commercial team will drive continued growth and first in class customer service. In conjunction with other members of the Executive Team, Dan provides strategic direction and leadership for future GRG services.

Dan obtained his BA degree from Miami University and his MBA from Xavier University. Dan has also attended professional management courses at both Michigan University and Dartmouth.