Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Services

With so much misinformation in the MSA marketplace, how do you know you’re adhering to the latest Medicare guidelines?

Turn to the Experts. Backed by years of experience in working with Medicare, our innovative MSA Decision Engine and dedicated team of attorneys, analysts and RNs make GRG the industry’s most trusted authority.

GRG’s evaluation in workers’ compensation and third party liability cases includes satisfying Medicare’s past interests – reimbursement for conditional payments – and evaluating / satisfying Medicare’s future interests—establishing Medicare Set-Asides when appropriate.

We make fact-specific recommendations in each case to ensure that the settlement complies with Medicare’s guidelines and the claimant’s benefit eligibility is protected.

When it comes to MSAs, you can trust the experts that have been called upon to educate attorneys across the country as the clear voice of reason in the debate regarding MSAs in liability settlements.

GRG’s MSA services follow a 3-step methodology:

    • Review case to determine whether a MSA is appropriate in light of the most recent CMS guidance through one of two methods:
      • MSA Decision Engine
      • Traditional MSA Review
    • Determine appropriate dollar amount to fund the MSA in order to protect Medicare’s interest as well as the claimant’s eligibility
    • Verify and resolve any conditional payments made by Medicare
    • Determine what injuries are related to the litigation as well as what is / is not covered by Medicare
    • Submit MSA to CMS for review and approval as appropriate

Benefits to Key Stakeholders:

  • Claimants
    • MSA recommended only when necessary
    • MSA amount is accurately determined
    • Future Medicare eligibility is protected
  • Attorneys
    • Medicare compliance ensured
  • Medicare
    • Future interests considered and protected
    • Appropriate funding set aside for future care