Future Medical Allocation Services

With so much misinformation in the marketplace, how do you know you’re adhering to the latest Medicare guidelines?

Turn to the real experts. Backed by years of experience in working with Medicare, our innovative Future Medicals Calculator (coming soon!) and dedicated team of attorneys, analysts and RNs make GRG the industry’s most trusted authority when it comes to addressing future medical obligations.

GRG’s evaluation in workers’ compensation and third party liability claims includes satisfying Medicare’s past interests – reimbursement for conditional payments – and evaluating / satisfying Medicare’s future interests—identifying future medical allocations and providing compliant spend-down options to ensure Medicare is not billed prematurely.

We make fact-specific recommendations in each claim to ensure that the settlement complies with Medicare’s guidelines and the claimant’s benefit eligibility is protected.

When it comes to future medicals and protecting your interests, trust the experts whose methodology has been judicially approved time after time.

GRG’s Future Medical Allocation services follow a 3-step methodology:

    • Review case to determine whether an award compensates a claimant for future medical expenses based on objective decisional future medical allocation methodology and if so, provides the maximum obligation which exists:
      • Future Medicals Calculator
      • Traditional Future Medical Allocation Review
    • Determine final future medical allocation obligation in order to protect parties from the federal government
    • Determine what injuries are related to the litigation as well as what is/is not covered by Medicare
    • Submit Future Medical Allocation to CMS for review and approval as appropriate.

Benefits to Key Stakeholders:

  • Claimants
    • Future Medical Allocation determination based on objective, not subjective, measures.
    • Obligation determination based on medical and legal standards
    • Future Medicare eligibility is protected
  • Attorneys
    • Medicare compliance ensured
    • Attorneys and firms can close file comfortably knowing that Medicare will not successfully recover another dollar for future medicals.
  • Medicare
    • Expectations fully met
    • Identified and spent down