Complex Settlement Administration

We know the parties are confronted with complex master settlement agreements that include complicated disclosure guidelines, stringent participation requirements, strict timelines, and ethics rules that are constantly changing. In the midst of that, attorneys must ensure that healthcare liens are resolved and bankruptcy and probate requirements are satisfied. The list of responsibilities continues to evolve and grow for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

GRG navigates the complex demands of mass tort and class action settlements to achieve efficient and cost-effective closure. From large scale Multi-District Litigation to firm-by-firm settlements, we engineer and execute comprehensive settlement programs. We offer a flat, per-claimant fee structure that corresponds to the scope of services rendered. Our service areas can independently or collectively assist any settlement:

Special Master & Settlement Allocation Services

GRG serves as Special Master and Settlement Administrator for the courts and privately for settling parties, delivering successful closure to settlements ranging from pharmaceutical, product liability, and environmental matters to civil rights, church-related sexual abuse matters, and property damage matters.

Claims Administration

GRG has administered and distributed more than $2 billion in gross settlement awards across dozens of mass tort settlements, involving tens of thousands of individual claimants.

Medical Record Review

GRG serves as an objective third-party to review medical records and proof, evaluate physical injury and damages, and process claims.

Fund Administration

GRG offers Fund Administration services to facilitate the timely disbursement of settlement proceeds using Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) and other settlement trust or escrow account vehicles.

Claimant Education Call Center

GRG’s Claimant Education Call Center services work hand-in-hand with our other Complex Settlement Administration services to directly address claimants’ questions and concerns.

National Probate Coordination

GRG’s National Probate Coordination services navigate the approval of probate settlements in which the claimant cannot legally act on his own behalf, eliminating hurdles that lead to delays in settlement distributions.

National Bankruptcy Coordination

GRG provides a proven, scalable and cost-effective process to address bankruptcy coordination issues in settlements and manage settlement disbursements with bankruptcy trustees throughout the country.

Healthcare Lien Resolution

GRG handles healthcare lien obligations in mass tort and class action matters with tremendous efficiency and scale. We have the resources to handle the biggest settlements, as well as the compassion, skill and discretion to handle the most delicate and sensitive cases.