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Montanile: The Supreme Court Traces its Roots and Denies ERISA Plan PDF
Future Medicals in 2016 & the MSP Statute  
Transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 Codes PDF
The MSP and the False Claims Act: The Government’s Most Potent Recovery Tool – In House Defense Quarterly PDF
Compliance Made Easy: Should you report write-offs to Medicare through the billing process or Section 111? | HRMR PDF
The Evolving Reimbursement Rights of Medicare Advantage Plans | American Bar Association  
A Conversation About Lawyer Ethics & MSP Compliance | DRI For the Defense PDF
The Evolving Reimbursement Rights of Medicare Advantage Plans  
Medicare Reimbursement in 2014: A Risk Management Roadmap for Attorneys PDF
Modernizing MSP Cost Containment Protocols | DRI For the Defense PDF
Practical Tips for Settling Cases with Medicare Part C Enrollees PDF
SMART Act: How a New Federal Law Could Fast Track Your Settlements  
The Ninth Circuit Weighs in on Appropriate Equitable Relief in Scope of ERISA Reimbursement Claim  
The Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007, Section 111 Reporting: One More Thing to Worry About in Your Settlements  
Protecting Medicare’s Future Interest When CMS Declines to Review MSA Proposal: Schexnayder and Smith  
State Medicaid Agencies No Longer Require Following Tristani  
Complying with the Developing Requirements for Charging the Cost of Outsourced Lien Resolution Services to Contingent Fee Personal Injury Clients  
Medicare Secondary Payer Reimbursement Procedures After Haro v. Sebelius  
Medicare Reimbursement Claims from Undifferentiated Settlements after Benson v. Sebelius  
HR 1063: The SMART Act  
Big R Towing: Has a Federal Court Taken the First Step Towards Liability MSAs?  
Medicare Advantage Plans & Tort Recovery Rights: One Federal Court’s Perspective on the Recovery Debate  
The Two-Way Street to Medicare Compliance: Lessons from the Court Room  
Medicare’s Name on the Check: Not a Shortcut to Medicare Compliance  
Mandatory Insurer Reporting where Medicare is a Secondary Payer: The MMSEA of 2007 and its Current Implications  
Can Plaintiff Attorneys Indemnify Defendants for Unpaid Liens?  
Probate Coordinators – Ethical Considerations When Outsourcing the Search for Local Probate Counsel  
What Does Dennis Rodman Have To Do With Your Settlement Agreements?