Meet Galaxy, GRG’s Next-Generation Lien Resolution Platform

We are pleased to inform you about an exciting innovation in GRG’s lien resolution process and systems. Over the past year, we have developed the next-generation GRG lien resolution platform, dubbed Galaxy. Galaxy will serve as the technical foundation to resolve liens in the least amount of time while providing you robust but easy-to-use status reporting.

Briefly stated, Galaxy will make it easier for you and your clients to access the critical lien resolution information you need in real time.

After processing more than a million transactions, we understand the importance of anticipating change and keeping our clients updated on evolving circumstances. (For example, when a sudden change to a settlement’s lien identification and resolution requirements results in different rules for disbursement “hold backs.”). So we remain committed to keeping our operations ahead of pace in the current lien resolution environment, creating greater transparency, and always improving our efficiency.

All mass tort programs under our management will be migrated to the new system. The Galaxy platform will enable us to better manage your cases, especially those that involve the most complex lien holdback calculations. You will immediately notice a different layout for holdback reports and our client portal, which now provides on-demand access to information about your cases. The new portal condenses a tremendous amount of information into simple, easy-to-navigate views. You and your staff can better monitor and check the progress of cases, enabling quicker, more effective client communications.

Because we are migrating all programs under our management, occasional information gaps may occur as we move data from one platform to another. Please be assured that any apparent gaps are a side effect of the migration and will in no way compromise the security of any data or the progress of your cases. We appreciate your patience in advance during this process.

Your feedback over the past 12 months was a driving factor for this change and we’re excited about how this platform will help us improve our service to you and your clients. Technology alone will not accomplish our mission to provide you exceptional service, but we firmly believe that on-demand access to information is a crucial step. Similarly, technological advances will enable our staff to focus on processing liens in less time while still achieving the best results possible.

Moving forward, we encourage you to continue sharing your impressions of our systems and our services, which helps us improve our processes, limit your clients’ lien resolution pains, and create a last, best touch to your clients’ settlements.

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