GRG Speaking at the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network Fall Conference

Garretson Resolution Group speaking at NWCDN Fall Conference, John Cattie

Garretson Resolution Group (GRG) is looking forward to the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN) Fall Conference in Chicago in September. At this same event a few years ago, you likely heard John Cattie, our MSA Subject Matter Expert and nationally known speaker on the topic, talk about how an employer or insurance carrier could minimize or extinguish its reimbursement exposure under the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act by appropriately identifying proceeds for non-medicals versus medicals within the final award. Recently, CMS has confirmed that such actions are an appropriate manner by which to consider and protect its future interest. Click here to read the Practice Tip John drafted discussing that recent development.

GRG invites you and the clients you invite to attend the NWCDN Fall Conference to discuss these topics with John in person during the conference. The discussion may radically change your client’s perception about MSAs and how their current compliance protocols may not align with CMS’ stated preferential processes. John’s discussion about these concepts with you and your client may help build the collective confidence that you are utilizing – or on the path to utilizing – best practices. To set an appointment with him, you can call him directly at (704) 594-1778 or email him at We hope to see you in Chicago!

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